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Case Preparation

From the moment you get pulled over, you feel like you have lost control. If you face drunk driving charges, you want an experienced lawyer to help you build a comprehensive DWI defense. Lawrence G. Boyd will do everything he can to lower the charges you face and minimize the potential consequences of your DWI. With 30 years of criminal defense experience, we know how important it is to explore every issue to achieve the best results in your case.

Every drunk driving charge varies a lot by county, the specific situation, and the past record of the accused. Since a DWI conviction cannot be expunged, it is essential to defeat the charge or plea to a different charge. After two drunk driving convictions, you are looking at a felony DWI for your third.

There are 5 steps in your Case Preparation.
Please read it all for your full benefit.

1. The Initial Interview
In order to spend our initial interview time as productively as possible, it will be most helpful if the client will please print out our Client Information Sheet, and fill it out as completely as possible. This will save you, the client, your valuable time at our office, and will enable you to more …

2. Obtaining and Reviewing the Police Video
Two different types of videos may exist in your case, an “in-car” video and a jail video. Since this may be the most significant evidence in your case, it is imperative that we obtain and review your video at the earliest opportunity. However, in some counties, the video may not be more …

3. Obtaining an ALR Hearing
Effective in 1995, significant laws were implemented so that theoretically every DWI arrest would result in a license suspension, whether the person was convicted of DWI or not. The Administrative License Revocation (“ALR”) laws apply to persons who are arrested more …

4. Preparing the Case for the ALR Hearing or DWI Trial
Every case is different. Not all cases will justify, or require, every type of investigative technique available below. Depending upon the case, the Attorney may suggest the need to hire an investigator, “expert witness”, or other specialized personnel, which may result in an extra more …

5. Conducting the ALR Hearing or Trial
We believe that the ALR hearing is an integral part of our representation in a DWI case. A potential client should definitely ask a prospective attorney what he or she intends to do with regard to the ALR hearing. We have heard tales that some lawyers tell their potential clients not to more …