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“Larry Boyd is impeccable lawyer. True ALR expert and mostly very informative. He is very patient with client, very respectful and professional. He certainly goes the extra mile.” ~ https://goo.gl/maps/smC61RkSQd44jCXbA

“Larry Boyd was an absolute blessing handling my ALR HEARING! His specialty in this regard speaks volumes! We won my hearing and saved my license suspension. I highly recommend him ! Thank you Larry. You are an expert in this field with a proven track record!”

“Mr. Lawrence Boyd (dwidallas.com) is an absolute expert in his field of DWI law, ALR’s, and driver’s license hearings & issues. Mr. Boyd’s passion for his work is quickly evident as an attorney advocate willing to go the extra mile (and more) to ensure that the “right thing” is done for a case. Mr. Boyd offers a willing & listening ear–and is a practitioner you can unequivocally count on to provide exceptionally knowledgeable & particularly skilled legal guidance & representation.”

“I hired Mr. Boyd as my ALR attorney and I couldn’t have asked for better results. Within the same afternoon of my ALR hearing we received correspondence from the judge my license was to remain active. He saved my license from temporary suspension, the absolute best outcome. Additionally, in the ALR hearing Mr.Boyd was able to cross-examine witnesses under oath to help my case with the DA’s office. Mr. Boyd is attentive, experienced, hell of a cross-examiner, and a team player I.e. losing isn’t in his DNA. He cares about his clients and you will need it.”

Mr. Boyd, thank you for your compassion at a time in my life I felt no hope. You were always personable and helped me to understand ALL possibilities. You always kept me informed and never kept me waiting. My experience with you will always be remembered with fondness. Thank you forever!!”

Great attorney and an even better person. From my initial meeting with Larry he was very knowledgeable and informative regarding my license being suspended. It was my first time being in any type of legal trouble and he was thorough in explaining the process to me and was able to answer all of my questions. He worked very effectively and efficiently in securing a license for me. My work requires me to drive all over Dallas so this was essential for me to go about my everyday business. Overall, Larry is an honest, responsive, and effective attorney. I will highly recommend Larry to family and friends in the future.”

Larry is an excellent lawyer. Larry successfully represented me in a hearing to suspend my license this morning. He got the charges dismissed. I was impressed with all of the time that Larry spent with me during the last month, his knowledge of the applicable law, and his skill in convincing the judge to dismiss the charge against me. I highly recommend Larry.”

“More than a Lawyer. Larry Boyd came as a recommendation to me from two other people he had represented in the past facing DWI charges. Since he came so highly recommended, I decided to make an appointment to consult with him. From the first day that I walked into Larry’s office, I got a good vibe from him. He was straight forth, didn’t sugar coat anything but at the same time showed true interest in my problem. I went to Larry for legal representation in the case of a 2nd DWI charge and he did something my first Lawyer did not do and that was suggest that I seek some help, either through AA or some type of counseling. If it wasn’t for that suggestion, I would not be sober to this day.

I was able to talk to Larry on all levels and he never made me feel like I was asking a dumb question or too many questions. He was very informative and thorough. He was timely on court dates and regularly scheduled appointments (never had to wait). On my last day in court and before submitting my plea, Larry had worked out a gem of a deal for me considering that I was looking at charges for a 2nd DWI. He worked with the DA on getting me a deal that wouldn’t disrupt my home life with my 12 year old daughter and no disruption of my job, my career, but at the same time the deal would be in my best interest and work out for the long run in my recovery and staying sober. Larry definitely made a difference in my life as my lawyer and as a legal mentor. I would definitely recommend him to any one that needed this type of representation and guidance.”

Lawrence handled my DUI & DWI matter and saved my career! After being wrongly accused of a DUI/DWI I hired Mr. Boyd to represent me for my ALR hearing. He went above the call of duty and has been able to have my case dismissed. This is one awesome attorney and cool dude. Thanks!”

“Need help with your ALR hearing? Look no further than Larry Boyd. My case was a bit unique in the fact that the arresting officer had basically disappeared and no longer worked for the PD, so it became quite a task in finding her in order to serve her with a subpoena. Larry and his associates were able to locate the officer at a very unsuspecting place.

Larry knows ALR hearings like the back of his hand, and knows how to set you up for a positive outcome, and with the knowledge you need for the criminal portion of your case. Larry also doesn’t mind spending the time with you in order to answer any questions you may have along the way and keep you updated. Give him a call; you won’t regret it.”

“I honestly can’t thank Larry enough for what a great job he has done with my case. Not only was he able to get my overall sentencing reduced significantly, but more importantly he’s helped to get me through what has been a very tough time dealing with it. I know that Larry is someone I will always stay in touch with, he’s not only a great attorney, but is a great guy that truly cares about his clients.”

Larry was referred to my by another attorney friend of mine. I was so impressed by his knowledge of the law. I was also very impressed as to how respected he was in and around the courts. My case could have been SO MUCH WORSE, but Larry made a very bad situation doable. It has been 6 years since I needed Larry’s services and we still keep in touch. He not only is concerned during your legal matter, but after.”

Larry really went the extra mile to help me through my tought time. He always did what he said he would, was very resposive and timely, never overcharged – if anything Larry did extra work and research to help me without charging more fees. In addition with the word counselor – Larry is both an attorney and a life counselor. He shares his own life experience to help prevent potential further troubles. He is genuine and truly cares – gives it his all. I greatly appreciate the service and would recommend Larry to anyone.”

“I call him Sir Lawrence because he should be knighted if he has not been already. When you got through a tough accident, and it is followed up with a first arrest. sprinkle in many bizzare circumstances. Lets face it you want someone who you can really trust. Larry Boyd did all that I expected him to do; but was a great coach and mentor on top of his legal representation.”

“Successful and knowledgeable defense… and much, much more. Mr. Boyd offers a successful and knowledgeable defense on your behalf, and will provide you with the most preferable circumstance, pending your conditions. He will stand with you, not behind you, and he offers so much more than that. I never thought that my attorney would do so much for me after the legal matter was over with. I was in real trouble; my life was out of control. Mr. Boyd successfully led me through my legal matter, carefully explaining all of the procedures and choices that I had so that I fully understood the matter, and then supported me with encouragement and motivation as I pieced my life back together.

Now, I’m in grad school at UTD, my dreams are coming true, and I am a more responsible person. My family is as proud of me as I am, and this never would have happened without the defense, advice, and support of Mr. Larry Boyd. I even called and told him when I enrolled into the graduate program, and he was truly happy for me. This man is more than an attorney; he is a friend– and it is very difficult to find a person that is both of those. Thank you for helping me so much, Mr. Boyd.”