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Instructions for Narrative
In order for us to have a comprehensive picture of the events during and preceding your arrest we need you to provide a detailed accounting of your life for the time blocks indicated below. Please provide the requested information as accurately and clearly as possible. Write your narrative in the order listed below. If you have any questions about the requested information feel free to contact our staff for clarification.

I. Provide all details of your contact with the arresting officer(s) from the time the officer first observed you until the officer left you at the jail.

II. List all your activities from the time and setting of your 1st drink to the time at which the officer 1st observed you. List any and all food consumed and any activities in which you were engaged. At this time there is no need to make any reference to the number of drinks or type of alcoholic beverage you consumed. Make no mention of any drinks.

III. Beginning at the afternoon of the day previous to your arrest list all your activity in blocks of time (example: I watched TV from 5:15 pm until 8:45 pm). There is no need to mention the particular program you watched, or if you played a game; who won. Include in each time block all food and drink consumed (type and quantity). Note specific hours of sleep, and any mentally, emotionally, and/or physically strenuous or stressful activity. Specifically list any and all over the counter and prescription medication taken and list the time and quantity of use.

IV. List all physical injuries or disabilities including loss of hearing, eye trouble, or balance trouble. Also, provide information about any mental, emotional. or psychological difficulties you are experiencing (example: anxiety disorder, dyslexia, attention deficit disorder, etc.).

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