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As a former Senior Chief Felony Prosecutor and State District Trial Judge with 30 years of experience, attorney Randy Isenberg is listed in Martindale-Hubbell’s Bar Register of Preeminent Lawyers and was selected for inclusion in the list of “Texas Super Lawyers” for the year 2006 printed in Texas Monthly Magazine a Thomson Reuters service, and selected for inclusion in the list as a Top Texas Lawyer in 2006 and 2007 by a Thomson Reuters service. He is also Board Certified in Criminal Defense by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization and is certified as a Criminal Defense Advocate by the National Board of Trial Advocacy (NBTA)AttorneyIsenberg is also a regular TV commentator for local and regional criminal justice issues.

Law School:
Southern Methodist University College of Law, 1975-1978

Rice University 1971-1975
Recipient: Hansen Fellows Academic Award

Practice Areas

• Drug Possession
• Felony DWI
DWI Results
• Drug Crimes
• Murder & Assault
• Weapons Offenses
• Breath and Blood Tests
• Family Violence
Sex Crimes
• Probation Violations
• Expunction/Nondisclosureclosure

For all other DWI, DUI, Drug, Sex, Violence, Weapon Crimes or Criminal Defense cases, please contact our DWI Dallas managing partner/owner Randall B. Isenberg.

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Criminal Defense Lawyer Reviews 2024

Criminal Defense Lawyer Reviews 2023

Jan. 2023 – May 2023 Criminal Defense Lawyer Reviews

Stephanie Omakor says: They made me feel secure with moving forward with them…make me feel like family and I can trust them. ~

Timothy Bogan says: It was a positive experience as they did their due diligence to get the best possible outcome for my situation. Very professional and respectful. S. Colleen Tennent was always attentive when meeting with her and put for her best professional efforts in attaining and achieving the outcome I received. I’m very thankful for this law firm as they was always straight forward with the information and expectations. ~

Xavier Rowe says: Attorney I spoke with was very detail, knowledgeable and informative regarding my options. I left there knowing what was next and how it would be approached for the best outcome. I’m glad I had the visit and I didn’t feel rushed or like a number. ~

Stephen Rustin says: It absolutely fantastic, and I really appreciate that they took the time to not only be observant but professional, direct and honest regarding what they would seek and be able to do. ~

Darryl Carter says: They did a great job in explaining the options and they are very professional and they get the job done right the first time. ~

Christopher Moore says: Mr. Isenberg handled an extremely complicated legal situation for son requiring submission of a writ of habeas corpus, evidentiary hearing, and a plethora pf Texas criminal court of appeals legal bureaucracy, procedures, and processes much of the general public is completely unaware of.  His vast experience and expertise as criminal defense attorney, prosecutor, and on the bench was instrumental in securing his freedom.  His courtroom tenacity while arguing the case was SUPERIOR to anything folks watch on TV!  We highly recommend and his appellate subject matter expert Mr. John D. Nation -an unbeatable team! ~

Mary Jantz says: I cannot recommend Mr. Isenberg and his team enough! I was completely overwhelmed and going through a very tough time in my life, which subsequently lead to my arrest. Mr. Isenberg took the time to listen and to explain all of the potential outcomes of my case. What I respect most about him is his honesty and candor. Unlike many other attorneys, he made no promises other than he and his team would work hard to achieve the best possible outcome. I brought my teenage daughter along with me as a life lesson and I admire how he took the time to also engage with her and encouraged her to pursue her education and make positive choices. I have so much respect for Mr. Isenberg. He genuinely cares and is a man of integrity. By the end of our consultation, he was already formulating a strategy and immediately assigned Ms. S. Colleen Tennent and had her meet with me. Ms. Tennant is an absolute angel. I could tell that she was busy, but the empathy and compassion that she showed in that moment was a lifeline to me. Mr. Isenberg, Ms. Tennent, and the rest of the staff have been so patient with me throughout the entire process. I have severe anxiety and sent so many emails asking questions and for clarification, and they have all showed so much patience and understanding. Ms. Tennent takes the time to respond to every question in detail. Ms. Tennent truly went to bat for me and I am sitting here writing this review after meeting with her to sign a contract for a pre-trial diversion program which, once successfully completed, will result in the complete dismissal of all of my charges. I truly do not believe that I would have had the same outcome with any other firm. I will forever be grateful to Mr. Isenberg, Ms. Tennent, and the entire staff.

PURO VINO says: The whole team was super understanding and helpful with my case. They were patient till the end of it, and kept me out of prison with multiple dwi’s. I am super grateful. Other firms gave me no hope . Coleen was excellent. Randall was top tier. This firm will fight for your best interest despite contrary belief. Thanks alot. I recommended my family already and I recommend them to everyone. ~

JS says: Colleen and mr isenberg have been the best in working on my husbands case ! I HIGHLY recommend them…

Kristi Taylor says: Mr. Isenberg was very upfront and honest abut what to expect in a case for a family member. After meeting with multiple attorneys we felt Mr. Isenberg was the best choice to represent him. ~

DK says: Randy Isenberg, Outstanding attorney and staff! These people are Professionals and excellent at what they do!

He will tell you what you need to know and you will be well represented. Highly recommend ~

Michelle Hibbler says: Very Knowledgeable and helpful. Highly recommend. Impressive background with the law.

Criminal Defense Lawyer Reviews 2022:

Armando Escobar says: OUTSTANDING AND THE BEST REPRESENTATION. The Isenberg team are truly an outstanding group of professionals. They were honest with me from the beginning about my case being a difficult case but, they were going to try their best. They absolutely did their best and more . The Associate Attorney S. Colleen led my case and my case was dismissed before trial . Attorney S. Colleen and the Isenberg team came to every hearing beyond prepare and knowledgeable about my case. I am forever grateful with Law Office of Randall B. Isenberg and they are truly the BEST representation you can get . ~

The law team here is really friendly. They do a real good job with your case. Everything is really easy can be handled via email or over the phone. When do you have to come in for a visit. The staff are all nice and answer any questions you have. I am very happy that chose this office to handle my recent court cases.~ Steven G.

After I decided to go with Randall B. Isenberg, I first thought I’d made a mistake. It seemed like I wasn’t being kept informed. I had a thousand fears and a thousand questions. But it didn’t take me long to discover how hard the attorneys at his law offices were working. No doubt that I’m free today because of them. ~ Gerrie J.

Randall Isenberg and his team of attorneys really saved my life and marriage. I didn’t feel that I was even “buzzed” when I drove home to Dallas from a birthday party in Texarkana. Nonetheless, the slight smell of alcohol spilled on my shirt was enough for the arresting officer to do a field sobriety test. When it read .09, I was flabbergasted. I had two prior DUIs back in the 90s, and I swore to my wife back then that I’d never drive under the influence again. To make a long story short, Randall was able to prove that the test given to me failed to comply with NHTSA standards. So the evidence was ruled invalid, and I’m happy to be free and living life with my beautiful wife and family. Thank you sir! ~ Jordan

My husband was treated like a violent criminal the night he was arrested. We had only had a couple drinks apiece at Chili’s, over an hour being there. My husband was taken to jail after a field sobriety test, and I had to get an Uber with threats of being arrested myself. After I bailed him out, we asked around about the best DWI attorneys in Dallas, and Randall’s name kept coming up. So we went with him. He committed the arresting officer to giving his version of the arrest, and it didn’t match the evidence and couldn’t stand up in court. We were so relieved to have the case thrown out and to put it all behind us. And we’re happy to leave a good review. ~ Sarah

The Isenberg law offices are filled with professionals who take every case and client seriously, as if they’re going up to bat for their own family members. Our family will look only to Isenberg whenever we need a great lawyer. ~ Christobpher

There’s a reason Randall Isenberg was listed among the “Best Lawyers in Dallas” by D Magazine. He truly is at the top in his field. Having true representation by a former state district judge, with all his experience, was worth every penny I spent on my defense. I’ve seen friends sold down river by court appointed attorneys, and I thank God that I didn’t have to take that path. ~ Arnold

Thanks Randall for getting my charges reduced. I went from facing decades in prison to probation. I can’t tell you how much that means to me, my wife, and kids. My world was destroyed, and the experience has humbled me to be the best driver I can possibly be. I’ll be happy to refer your law firm to anyone wanting an outstanding attorney. ~ Erick

The Isenberg law offices petitioned the court for an occupational license, and they were able to get video evidence from when I was arrested. It proved that I wasn’t driving erratically, and I wasn’t stumbling around and mumbling like the police said. My case was dismissed, and I owe it all to this law firm! So when I was asked to leave a review, I jumped on it- happy to say I’d give five stars! ~ Nicole

Randall B. Isenberg, P.C. Law Firm got me an acquittal! I thought I best my charges would be reduced. I never dreamed that even high powered attorneys like Randall could get an acquittal! Thank you so much for rescuing me from this DUI hell! ~ Jennie

After getting deferred probation after my DWI, I’m more than happy to leave a positive review for the law offices of Randall Isenberg. Brittany and Randy really took care of me and gave me a second chance. ~ Melissa
Great lawyer who will work with you. Super approachable and he will explain the whole legal process in a way that’s simple and easy to understand. Highly recommend. ~ Travis

They really know how to do there job right. And will get you the best deal possible. ~ Julia

“When my husband was arrested, I called a multitude of attorneys in the Dallas area to discuss his case. Every one of them made me assurances that I knew that they could not keep. They told me that it was a straightforward case and that they could take care of it without a problem. They told me not to worry about it. The first time that I ever called in to Mr. Isenberg’s office he told me that the case was complicated, something that I already knew, but he was the first one to come out and say it, and that if any attorney could keep my husband out of prison then it was him and I immediately believed him. That was the best decision that I ever made. My husband was looking at 25-99 years and after 2 years of working, he eventually got him 10 years probation. Its so easy for attorneys to sell you the impossible and not deliver, after all, what are you going to do about it from prison? I encourage you to beware of any attorney that tells you they can achieve an expected outcome when you hire them. Its what we want to hear in our time of desperation, but will likely not hold up once your case is further along. Something that I expected from reading reviews and learned to be true is that you are not going to receive a lot of updates during your case, likely because he doesn’t have the outcome worked out yet and does not like to give those false reassurances that other attorneys are so quick to give you, but rest assured that he and his team are hard at work getting you the best possible outcome. Throughout this process I learned to appreciate that he was willing to tell me the truth when I asked for it even if it was something that I didn’t want to hear. We have our whole lives to be thankful for because of this man. You truly don’t appreciate every piece of your life until you have considered what it would be like to lose it all. If you or your family have found yourself in a bad situation, then look no further. Hire him and his team, be honest and forthcoming with them from the start and try your very best to have peace in knowing that he is working to achieve the best possible outcome for you. Thank you Randall! Not a day passes without me being grateful for everything that you did for our family.”
~ Arnold Wadswort

“Hello Mr. Isenberg, and thank you so much for representing me in my case. I never knew a great law firm like this could ever existh. I had another attorney before Mr. Randall, but he seem to be only interested more in the money than my case, so I received one of Mr. Isenberg’s brochures in the mail. I explained my case a little over the phone, and I asked Mr. Isenberg was it too late for him to handle my case. Mr. Isenberg replied it’s never too late, so I setup an appointment, and went in and explained my case to Mr. Isenberg, and Mrs. Britney. Mr. Randall, and Mrs. Britney was very honest with me, and for my case they informed me of the conditions and time that I could received with the type of charge I had, but at the end, I will never forget what Mr. Randall, and Mrs. Britney said to me. They told me don’t worry, we want let you go to prison, and as you can see, I’m here writing this review. The whole Isenberg staff is great, and they stood by me through out my case. Once Mr. Isenberg quotes you a price to handle your case, he handles your case for that price. Thank you Mr. Isenberg, Mrs. Britney, Mrs. Abby, Mrs. Leah, Mrs. Rosa, and Mrs. Judge Tracey Holmes for giving me a second chance. If I could rate the Isenberg Law Firm higher than 5 stars, they would be the highest amount of stars available. Thank you again!” ~ Derrick K.

“Randall Isenberg’s firm is most certainly one that will exceed your expectations- definitely top notch. The entire office is ran to achieve incredible results, his entire team is very prompt, keeps you updated, and is extremely dedicated to your case. Randall himself is very compassionate and will help anyone at the humanitarian level, it’s beyond just doing his job. We have used him twice within our family and I could not recommend him any more, there really is a reason he is reviewed and rated as high as everyone claims. I highly recommend him and his firm to anyone, I would advise you to not waste your time and money elsewhere. Thank You Randall!” ~ Arwa D.

“Randall Isenberg is honest straightforward lawyer. Because he was Senior Chief Felony Prosecutor and a State District Trial Judge before, he knows so much of how the courts work. I went to visit him and he told me where I stood with my son’s charge. I did not hire him that day. A few days later I knew I should have taken his advise and hired him then. I later went back to see him and hired him to defend my son. He does not try to get you to just hire him on the spot, he tells you everything and then leaves it up to you to decide. He went beyond what most lawyer would even do. My son could have gotten 25 years, but did not. I am so thankful for his work, his staff, and the kindness he showed me. He is professional, firm, so knowledgeable of the law, and yet compassionate. Most lawyer will put a maybe out there for you on the issue, but Mr. Isenberg tells you up front that things can go several ways depending on the charge, the person’s record and him knowing how the DA’s and Judges work or might react. My grandson was with me on one visit to the office and overheard him talking to a person. He was so impressed with Mr. Isenberg.This was a hard and stressful journey for me with my son. I was so distraught over the situation of my son. I am thankful that through it all I had Mr. Isenberg working for me, for my son. I have high respect for Mr. Isenberg. The office staff kept me informed at all time with my son’s case. I do not think that there was one time that I contacted the office that Mr. Isenberg did not have them send a response back to me within that day. I went in on one Saturday to meet with him and his office was packed with people that wanted to see him. If someone needs a lawyer he is the one to see.” ~ Shirl L.

More recent reviews 2023:

Armando Escobar says: OUTSTANDING AND THE BEST REPRESENTATION. The Isenberg team are truly an outstanding group of professionals. They were honest with me from the beginning about my case being a difficult case but, they were going to try their best. They absolutely did their best and more . The Associate Attorney S. Colleen led my case and my case was dismissed before trial . Attorney S. Colleen and the Isenberg team came to every hearing beyond prepare and knowledgeable about my case. I am forever grateful with Law Office of Randall B. Isenberg and they are truly the BEST representation you can get . ~